OneExchange helps you choose the Medicare plan that best fits your medical needs and budget. Working with us will help you make informed and confident enrollment decisions. We apologize that our site is not fully accessible to customers using screen readers at this time. We are currently building a new site with accessibility in mind that will be launched in late 2017. Until then, we encourage you to call Willis Towers Watson at 1-866-322-2824 (#711) to speak to one of our expert benefit advisors.

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      How is this information used? We use the information we collect to help you determine your eligibility for different plans. We are subject to HIPAA rules that protect your privacy and we never share any information. Close
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      What about my Medicare-eligible spouse? Medicare plans cover individuals. You must search for and compare plans for you and your spouse separately. Close
    • What is Medicare eligibility?
      What is Medicare eligibility? There are specific rules about who is eligible for Medicare and when eligibility can begin. These are generally based on your age and disability status. Close

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