OneExchange helps you choose the Medicare plan that best fits your medical needs and budget. Working with us will help you make informed and confident enrollment decisions. We apologize that our site is not fully accessible to customers using screen readers at this time. We are currently building a new site with accessibility in mind that will be launched in late 2017. Until then, we encourage you to call Willis Towers Watson at 1-866-322-2824 (#711) to speak to one of our expert benefit advisors.

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  • Understanding your Medicare options

    There are many layers to the federal Medicare program. Let us help you figure out where to begin. We'll break down Medicare into manageable pieces, so you know if you qualify for Medicare coverage, what coverage is available in your area, and how to get enrolled in a plan that fits your needs.

    When am I eligible?

    In general, U.S. citizens over the age of 65 and those with specific disabilities qualify for Medicare. This section covers the specific eligibility requirements for Medicare coverage.
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    What are the different parts to Medicare?

    In addition to the "Original" Medicare, there are private insurance plans available to you that fill in many of the coverage gaps found with Original Medicare. In order to obtain better coverage of your medical costs, you may want to enroll in one of these private insurance plans. This will require you to understand what each plan covers and how plans work with Original Medicare.
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    How do I enroll?

    Research plans in your area online, then call a OneExchange benefit advisor.
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    Frequently asked questions

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